Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be judged?

This is a common concern for anyone undertaking therapy. It is totally understandable, as there is an idea that a Therapist is going to be patronising, uptight or condescending.

That is certainly not the way I work, and no topic is “off limits” in a session.

When I am working with someone, I do not judge at all. I make a conscious assessment based on the pattern being presented…then we set out to resolve it.

I see us all as equals so, when helping someone eliminate an unwanted pattern, I genuinely come from a place of unconditional acceptance. It is how I would want to be treated, because I would say that most people would not wish to be “talked down to.”

The great thing with PSTEC is that you can eliminate any worry you have about doing a session BEFORE doing a session.

We all have patterns and behaviours that are unique to us. With PSTEC, you keep what you want and discard what no longer serves you.

How is PSTEC different to other therapies?

There are a lot of therapies available – traditional and alternative – and some of these produce outstanding results for their users and clients. I truly believe that there is a therapy for everyone. To put it another way, any emotional or behavioural issue can be resolved.

This is not about undermining any other therapy or modality, as they will all have certain unique benefits. With some of them, the sense of community alone can provide tremendous benefits and a sense of purpose.

PSTEC is unlike ANY therapy out there, yet it is based on rock-solid psycholigical principles – anchoring, pattern interrupts and suggestions.

The PSTEC Click Tracks are an intricate fusion of a special form of suggestion, psychological principles and also aspects drawn from machine learning. The blend of these elements sets PSTEC apart.

The only conscious element of PSTEC is: perceiving you have a problem and setting out to resolve it. A PSTEC therapist can help with this.

PSTEC is not a talk, energy therapy nor a coping strategy. It is a suite of tools that work on our mind model (aka “model of the world”) and involves:

– the complete neutralisation of negative emotions

– positive suggestion

– behavioural change

– peak performance

– belief elimination

– the installation of positive thoughts, beliefs and behaviours

When used in a systematic way, the PSTEC suite of tools can produce lifelong changes and the sort of profound results that traditional talk therapy simply cannot touch.

What does a session involve?

A session with me will involve a discussion about the issue(s) you wish to resolve and the best ways to get you where you desire to be.

We will come up with various strategies during the session, and we will also work on the issues during the session. We will identify and target the beliefs which are feeding into the problem, as well as working on the best ways to neutralise the unwanted emotions.

You will be using the tracks during the session, so will get to experience the results.

If you are booking a strategy session, this will be different and the outline will be emailed to you and then you work on this in your own time.

I always aim to create a relaxed environment and will put you at ease.

I work to get people the results they desire in the quickest amount of time possible. I also provide further tips, tools and strategies to empower you to do even more “play” in your own time. This will help ensure the changes continue to show up in your life.

How does PSTEC work?

The PSTEC Click Tracks, of which there are now several variations, require user effort, commitment and conscious focus.

In short, they require that the user focuses on the problem, problems, memories, unwanted feeling or imagined outcome while listening to the tracks.

Each track will have its own set of instructions.

The Click Tracks utilise linguistic compressions, pattern interrupts and anchoring.

The tracks are based on rock-solid psychological principles and can resolve a variety of emotional and behavioural issues.

In short, the user must TRY to feel the emotions and recall the associated memories while the track is playing. The trying is important.

PSTEC uses a series of carefully-crafted suggestions, tones and anchoring to disassociate the unwanted feelings from the thoughts.

Rating the intensity of the feelings on a subjective scale of 0-10 before and after the tracks helps chart progress.

Other PSTEC tracks complement the Click Tracks: PSTEC Negative and the Belief Blasters help eliminate unwanted beliefs or suggestions, while PSTEC Positive helps you create new suggestions of change.

What is PSTEC?

PSTEC, short for the “Percussive Suggestion Technique”, is a therapeutic method devised by a hypnotherapist called Tim Phizackerley. It was designed to neutralise unwanted emotions by using a complex blend of language, anchoring and conditioning.

The therapy has expanded to include various hypnotic tracks, increased effectiveness Click Tracks and cutting-edge tutorials.

In effect, PSTEC describes both a therapy and a suite of downloadable MP3 audio files. There have even been some digital books released about the many groundbreaking ways PSTEC can be used to produce lifelong changes.

The Free Click Tracks are the natural starting point and will help give an indication of the incredible power of the method.

PSTEC now encompasses a growing and enthusiastic community of self-helpers and therapists. The range of PSTEC uses, success stories and refinements is growing.

Some of the tracks are therapies for self-users, while other tracks are aimed more in the direction of therapists and would-be therapists.

Other tracks are tutorials, some designed for self-users and others for therapists.

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