Essential PSTEC tracks

PSTEC Level One – This contains some of the most powerful and cutting-edge self-help and therapy tools in existence. Within this package, you will have 2 extra powerful tracks. A tool called PSTEC Positive is also contained within this: it is a method through which you which you can change beliefs, habits and behaviours at the subconscious level. This is a must for longer term use and is loaded with tremendous information tips, tools and resources for getting the very most from PSTEC.

Click Track 2015 – Incredibly cutting-edge version of PSTEC. Works with greater efficiency and allows you to clear even more issues at once. There are 6 tracks included here (2 short tracks, 2 medium and 2 long tracks.) They are a must-have tool, as they are packed with complexity and work slightly differently than the free tracks and EEFs.

Belief Blasters – An excellent complement to PSTEC Negative, Belief Blasters let you blast away any unwanted simple belief, well, simply. The instructions are remarkably easy to follow and there are four tracks included. An amazing tool for belief elimination. This works brilliantly on its own or in tandem with PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo.

PSTEC Negative – An outstanding program that will enable you to eliminate any unwanted belief. PSTEC Negative is a belief eraser unlike any other, requiring conscious work…and then you simply need to let the track run, follow the instructions and notice some truly astounding results in your experience of life. Eliminating beliefs can eliminate many unwanted patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour.

PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo – An amazingly effective tool for change, Quantum Turbo enables you to layer in positive suggestions of change, whilst reframing past and present events. This is another huge leap for personal change. This is a brilliant counterpart to the PSTEC Belief Blasters, but it also works extremely effectively on its own and has a range of uses.

PSTEC Accelerators – Essential tracks for longer-term PSTEC work. They make PSTEC work better and faster, aid recall of memories and can help bring on some truly profound changes.

PSTEC Positive Extra Power – A significantly more powerful version of PSTEC Positive. Another essential track to add to your arsenal, as it makes your work with PSTEC Positive more effective.

Specialist Tools

PSTEC Stop Smoking (self help version) – An innovative program that enables you to quit smoking easily. On this system, you will learn and experience exactly how to stop smoking -no matter how many you smoke right now. This is a life-changing and life-prolonging tool.

Paid Tutorials

How to Achieve Almost Anything The Easy Way: A highly comprehensive tutorial that will guide you in achieving virtually anything you want in a specific way. This program will enable you to understand the process of personal change, human potential and achievement and give you the specific steps to repattern your life.

PSTEC Positive Secrets: A This invaluable guide will offer you the “pro tips” on crafting highly-effective, snappy and sustainable suggestions that turbocharge your work with PSTEC Positive.

PSTEC Advanced: An extremely comprehensive tutorial that teaches you about the Mind Model, beliefs, how to overcome a variety of problems and effective uses for PSTEC. This is listed as a “therapist only” tutorial, but it can be of tremendous value to any self-helper or anyone who has an interest in how our minds work and how to create lasting changes.

PSTEC Advanced Part Two: A superb tutorial that builds on the work PSTEC Advanced and provides some innovative uses of PSTEC and how to identify the characters that create your mind model. Very practical and extremely thought-provoking.

Super Power Hypnosis: How to Create Multiple Income Streams from “Super Power” Hypnosis Products – A thorough and invaluable guide on how to create, market and sell excellent hypnosis audio products. This is a must for Hypnotists or anyone who has a genuine interest in helping others whilst making a supplemental income.

Free PSTEC Tracks and Tutorials

The Free Basic Click Tracks: These are the free basic tracks and where it all began. In truth, there is nothing “basic” about these intricate and potentially life-changing tracks. You can these use to begin removing negative feelings from your life immediately and with tremendous reliability.

Stress Be Gone: A fantastic, free three-part audio series about ridding yourself of stress BEFORE it happens, how to deal with it “in the moment” and putting it behind you. This was based on a workshop, includes great tips on using the various PSTEC tools to blitz through stress and live a life of ease and presence.

Mindfulness with PSTEC and suggestion: An outstanding, insight-packed tutorial on how to turbocharge your results with mindfulness, bypass your “limitations” and learn how to empower yourself and those around you. Endlessly practical and full of wisdom. An essential download.

Embracing Change: Embracing Change is a fantastic resource for dealing with personal change. It includes two parts; Dealing with Unwanted Change – Handling Change without Fear … and … Making a Positive Change. Each part includes an introduction and a unique hypnotic track to help shift your mindset to one that embraces change and all the opportunities that await you!

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