Strategy Sessions

A PSTEC strategy session is a specially tailored 90-min phone session. We can talk on the phone or via Skype, Whatsapp, or Zoom audio.

If you prefer to be on-camera, that can be done too.

We will discuss your issue in some detail and devise a gameplan for working on your issue in your own time.

I will ask you specific questions to help you uncover your “problematic” emotional or behavioural patterns.

I will give you a “roadmap” on how to use PSTEC on your own to handle the presented issue(s).

I will then email you the clear instructions via email (in the form of a document) – beliefs you can eliminate, emotions you may wish to target and suggestions you may wish to layer into your Mind Model.

The work I suggest will be detailed, clear and will keep you on-task.

This special session is designed to ensure PSTEC can get you where you wish to go in super-quick time.

This differs from a traditional PSTEC session, in that we do not use the PSTEC tools during the call. It is very much geared towards anyone who just needs some guidance and to work on their own.

Book a session only if:

  • You are comfortable working on your own
  • You have a disciplined attitude to personal change
  • You want a fast-track to getting your desired results
  • You have used PSTEC, but have encountered some stumbling blocks

If you wish to book a session, please pay via the below link and email me, so we can set up a mutually convenient session time.

PSTEC Strategy Session for £45

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