Are you struggling to find lasting love?

Love is available to all of us

You really are not alone.

If you are single and looking for love, there has never been so much choice – from dating apps, to speed dating to casual hook-ups.

While options proliferate, you may have already experienced that some dating apps can bring out the more ruthless side of Humanity. Not everyone there is looking for love. It is a horrible feeling to be ghosted by silence or summarily dismissed with the swipe of an app.

If you are looking for deep, lasting love and connection, the dating game can feel desperately cruel and unforgiving. You may wonder if you will ever meet the right person. It can feel like a big rejection.

I do empathise with this and I have worked with clients who felt they would never meet the right person for them. We are designed to love and be loved, and it usually feels very lonely to not have love in your life – irrespective of how resourceful you are.

The UK TV show, “First Dates”, contains the familiar refrain “there’s someone for everyone” and this is a useful perspective. There will be someone out there looking for someone like you, and likely experiencing the very same frustrations you are experiencing.

Life is enhanced by a strong, committed romantic relationship. We humans need connection and love.

Sadly, however, not everyone is lucky in love.

Perhaps you have tended to attract the same/wrong type of person – someone who has treated you poorly or let you down a lot. It becomes a frustrating theme, and you may have even felt like throwing in the proverbial towel and focused instead on business, or friendships or work.

Consciously, you may crave love. Subconsciously, you hold beliefs and feelings that block the love you crave. With every negative experience of love or romance, this feeds into the subconscious mind and reinforces the negative expectations.

Fortunately, the Orpheus Destroyer Tracks enable you to clear any painful emotions linked to past rejections, unrequited love, as well as initiating experiences of love and connection from caregivers.

So many of our experiences of love are due to how we were raised and the relationships we saw around us. If you felt securely attached as a child, were shown affection and you saw loving, lasting bonds, that invariably becomes your blueprint and expectation. It would have shaped your future experience and left you primed for a loving, committed relationship.

Sadly, for many people the reverse was true – they experienced divorce, separation and childhood neglect. Maybe you had some experiences like this too. The great news is that it is possible to heal these wounds. Any past or present pains can be cleared from the psyche. If you have access to the Orpheus app, you can turn off the emotions that no longer serve you – whether that is dating anxiety, or feelings of low self-worth.

The Orpheus Decoupling Process helps you dial down any unwanted emotions. The results of this can be truly life-changing and relationship-altering. The changes stack up.

As you clear all the things that hurt you or that left you feeling unlovable, you will inevitably start to love yourself more and other people will pick up on this. This leaves free space for a loving, lasting relationship with someone who values you for who you really are.

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