How blasting frustration can change your world

I was looking for some pithy quotes about frustration on the Internet and I found one that nails the point: “expectation feeds frustration.”

If you expect a lot and are not getting where you want, how you want or as quickly as you want, you can either relax and trust in the process or you may notice frustration kick in.

This frustration can arise when you compare yourself to other people. Maybe people seem to be happier, further on in life, wealthier, or wiser than you. Social Media can create illusions, the media can paint pictures and so it is important to know that, in many cases, you are only seeing what people want you to see.

There seems to be so many aspects to frustration and it definitely can get in the way of enjoying life and it can certainly impede change. Benchmarking yourself against yourself, instead of constantly comparing yourself to others or some “ideal” is a recipe for a mix containing frustration, disappointment and anger.

PSTEC works remarkably quickly and with staggering reliability, but some PSTEC users have noted frustration as they feel there is too much to clear or that they are not feeling like a superhero after 15 minutes.

One thing that tends to get in the way is frustration – it can lead to instructions not being followed, giving up too soon or becoming angry at a perceived lack of results.

Frustration shows up in lots of ways, and I would also throw “impatience” into that mix – not just with PSTEC, but with life and the people in it. Neutralising this can dramatically transform your experience of life.

And how can you neutralise frustration?

Well, the easy part is that you simply need to run the Free PSTEC Click TracksEnhanced Tracks or Click Tracks 2015.

Imagine all the things that frustrate you and pinpoint all the things, people and situations where and with whom you experience frustration.

Make a list of everything and everyone where and with whom you experience frustration.

These might include a sense of frustration with:

– situations where you feel you are not excelling

– situations where you are not learning something as quickly or effectively as you would like

– situations where you have repeatedly made mistakes and you may feel frustrated in yourself as a result

– people who do not listen to you or who “defy” you

– your life circumstances

– how other people seem to get everything so easily, while you experience struggle

– people not understanding you

– being delayed in traffic jams or stuck on a train

– not feeling able to lose or gain weight

– not having enough money

I could go on…

Clear every frustration and a real sense of peace will seep into your life and your model of the world. It will impact others. It will impact your whole life.

This does not have to be done in a day ?

You see, with the frustration eliminated from situations, you will notice aspects of life that can be really great – even things that used to seem inherently frustrating. You are no longer feeding the frustration and are therefore inviting more uplifting emotions like calmness and gratitude into your experience.

You become more accepting of “what is”, more accepting of others and will also cut yourself a lot of slack. This is a gift that everyone can enjoy.

A traffic jam can offer you a chance to enjoy your thoughts, someone not understanding you can offer the opportunity to be more clear and your life circumstances helping you to ignite genuine gratitude.

The most profound changes tend to come to those who diligently work through their issues and who neutralise any emotion that is deemed “inherent” to certain situations.

You become more of who you really are when you eliminate the emotions that stop you appreciating your world and the people in it.