Thank you for checking back in with me 🙂

These prices are available to existing clients (pre-December 2021)

I like to honor and reward people who have worked with me previously, so these prices will ensure you get my services at the most affordable prices. Thank you.

The legacy fee for single sessions with me over the phone/Skype/Zoom is £130.

Significant discounts can be secured by booking block sessions. These tend to be best for clients who wish to do long-term work with the tools within the Orpheus Mind Technologies app (or for those using the legacy PSTEC tools).


I do aim to help you achieve results in the quickest possible time, so one session may be sufficient.

I give lots of detailed work to do in-between or after sessions. This is a significant bonus and will help ensure you are able to move forward in the most effective way.

Payment is accepted by Paypal. If another payment type is more convenient for you, please let me know.

If you prefer to work on your own and just need some guidance, a strategy session may be the prudent choice.

This is different to a regular session in that is more like a consultation – we get clear on the issues at hand, and then I will send very detailed, personalised and targeted Homeplay to address those issues.

Please click the link below to book sessions of your choice. To book more than one session and secure a great discount, please choose the required option.


I reserve the right to limit individual sessions to 120 minutes and will also ensure you have enough knowledge and guidance to work on your own issues…after our session is over. This will speed your progress and give you a tremendous amount of momentum and personal power.

I am happy to work with clients from absolutely anywhere in the world, but please be mindful that I am based in the UK, so there will be certain times where I will be unavailable.

If you are willing to put in the time and commitment, truly profound change is possible for you. In fact, it is INEVITABLE.

To get the ball rolling and to start creating some magic in your life, please send me a message with an outline of the problem you are facing and what you wish to achieve.

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