You are seriously good at this

Hi Paul thanks I am blown away by that session it was so powerful! You are an amazing therapist/coach and I am so so grateful to you for guiding me to help me let go of all the old stuff that I was holding onto it is just amazing the work you do!

I have worked with a few practitioners for different modalities in the past and I can say this is the most effective letting go technique out there – and you are seriously good at this”


Life changing PSTEC Therapist

I have spent at least 10-20 years (probably more I just can’t remember) dealing with anxiety, fear, guilt, shame and other toxic emotions and beliefs and after a very short period of time working with Paul many of these emotions and beliefs have been eliminated PERMANENTLY! I feel reborn and can’t remember the last time I felt this good.

Before working with Paul I had attempted for years to try and solve my problems on my own; self help is great but it is even better and more powerful when used under the guidance of an expert who has “been there done that”. Seeking a therapist to assist me with PSTEC has been the best decision I ever made. I have received massive support from Paul in helping me identify the issues I want to clear along with specific instructions and strategies for using the PSTEC tools that have truly been a miracle for me no exaggeration. Thank you Paul!

Imhotep Yakub

Couldn’t recommend Paul (and PSTEC) enough!

Several months ago I discovered PSTEC. I instantly knew it was ingenious and embarked on using it in my self-help journey. It didn’t take me long to realise that whilst the PSTEC tracks are self-explanatory, I had limited knowledge on my own psychology and what I needed to target. So I engaged the professional guidance of Paul for a series of 6 sessions. I never looked back.

Paul provided me a good understanding of emotions, beliefs and behaviors and how best to apply PSTEC to my specific issues. He was there with me through the ups and downs and was passionate about seeing me succeed. Paul is gentle, empathetic and generous and I always felt comfortable and empowered speaking to him.

After our sessions, and a bit of hard work, I am in a place I never thought I could be. I no longer feel trapped by unhelpful emotions and beliefs. To top it off, it can only get better as PSTEC is a tool for life.

I couldn’t recommend Paul (and PSTEC) enough!


Thank you for an amazing session

Good evening Paul, 

Thank you for the homeplay and thank you for an amazing session. 

G (note: full name edited for confidentiality) was completely happy about it. She talked to me for an hour and a half when I got home last night about the session and how much she enjoyed talking to you. I probably spoke a total of 5 minutes during that hour and a half. She was excited and thankful. She said she gave you a 10/10 rating. She loved the fact that you actually took the time to getting to know her and it wasn’t like an interview. She told me she felt heard and you shared some stuff with her too so she felt like 2 friends getting to know each other. 



I am so glad to hear you got so much from one session. But I am not the least bit surprised. Paul is brilliant, compassionate, sensitive, a great listener and an excellent problem solver. He is my therapist, and I am very grateful for that, but he is also a fascinating person whom I hope to know long after this healing is finished. It does end, Right? I am pretty sure the day comes when you sit down with an accelerator, hit a medium or long 2015 CT and when Tim asks you to try to access your feelings, all there is is bliss. Forever. And that’s how you know your done. You are so damn happy you walk around whistling ‘’zippity-do-dah” out your ***hole. It’s not great for the people around you, but you couldn’t care less. What? Am I missing something? I don’t think so. Paul will get me there. I can’t wait.

Seriously though, he is an amazing therapist. Even if he made the mistake of agreeing to work with me. How could he have known?


Pstec click track session with Paul


I had a session with Paul around 4-6 weeks ago .

He had me to do a couple of rounds of the following:

1) click tracks

2) Positive click track

3) Negative click track

What can I tell you guys? This guy Paul helped me get over some filthy/shitty/enemy emotions that I had been carrying around for 2 decades. My life is not the same since my session with Paul.My life keeps getting better and better after me and Paul smashed through the gates of hell( my emotions ) which I have to admit would not have been possible without the assistance of Paul.

Paul is great , very understanding, patient and very non- judgemental and he will take good care of a stranger as if he/she were his own as he did with me so definitely 20/10 rating for Paul from my side .

Take his help guys. It is worth it.

Take the plunge and watch what is possible with the beauty of pstec and with the help of Paul.


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