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Orpheus Mind Technologies – PSTEC™ has undergone its biggest evolution to date. This is an absolute game-changer for existing users of PSTEC, as the legacy tools can still be used separately.

Now, you have even more variety.

This groundbreaking web app contains some of the most powerful and cutting-edge self-help and therapy tools in existence.

The user experience has been updated by developing an amazing new and easy to use web app interface.

This gives 24/7 access to the technology with anonymous logins. This new subscription service allows you to stream powerful self help to your internet connected device (optimised for mobile) whenever you need it.

A variety of totally new and significantly improved tools have been incorporated into the app.

There are specialised modules for cravings and compulsions. These address things like alcohol, food, pornography, gambling, smoking and drugs.

The team at Orpheus have developed content that addresses many of the issues young people face like bullying, self image issues, feeling not good enough, losing loved ones, parents divorcing or separating and many other things besides. Much of this content also applies in adult life, of course.

For users on the Premium subscription option, new developments have been made available instantly and automatically…and at no extra cost.


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