Hope Street
St Annes, Lancashire.



Hi, I’m Paul McCabe. I’m 38 years young – born and raised in Belfast, and now living in the lovely seaside town of St Annes On Sea, Lancashire.

As well as being a PSTEC Master Practitioner, I’m also a devoted father and helping people lead lives of fulfilment is what truly inspires me and it took me some time to…

a) realise that


b) feel comfortable enough to share it  

My generation was certainly  not one to talk about “feelings” or problems and, in the UK, people tend to be more comfortable to talk about going to a GP to talk about a whole range of physical conditions…than talking candidly about mental health challenges.

Pretending problems do not exist, or minimising them, does not make them disappear regrettably.

I hope to help take away the stigma from mental health. There is nothing “strange” about wanting to look inward and bring out the best version of you. There need be no shame in wishing to experience a happy life, free from (or certainly, as much as is possible) unwanted emotions and unhelpful beliefs.

Why PSTEC and why ME?

Since you are reading this, you probably already know that PSTEC can help you make profound personal changes in a remarkably quick period of time.

Perhaps you just need some further guidance. Knowing where to turn can help, and making that connection with someone who is familiar and proficient with PSTEC’s various uses can help steer you in the right path.

Every PSTEC practitioner is different and will bring their own, unique perspectives and life experiences to the table.

I believe we are all have similar challenges in life and it is my mission to “pay it forward” by helping people in any way I can. I have both known and experienced suffering and I also know that no-one should need to suffer.

We are all connected – none of us are better than anyone else, and I always seek to come from a place of empathy and understanding. So, I respect everyone’s world.

I have been lucky to have met some great teachers over the years, picked up some insights that have virtually transformed me and even developed some of my own.

Few things delight me more than seeing people overcome personal obstacles and feeling a profound sense of inner peace. I think, on some level, most of us are inspired by that.

I had heard about PSTEC through very positive word of mouth and, having tried the free tracks myself, I was (and remain) astounded by their elegance and effectiveness.

They work very reliably and on a range of issues – even small emotional irritations. If an emotion or belief is not serving you, you can eliminate it and replace it with an empowering one. In fact, I recommend it  

Every time you chip away that little “block of ice” that is holding you back, you are creating a better YOU.

The Free Click Tracks are easy to use, and I have guided friends, family members and PSTEC users in getting some outstanding changes using these alone.

I have been studying and using the processes for a couple of years now, and contribute regularly to the PSTECForum as a Forum Moderator.

I will be able to help you map out what you want to achieve in life, how you want to “show up” in life and experience a life of great possibility and fulfilment.

I have studied and used a lot of other processes, and can attest to PSTEC’s ability (along with the user’s commitment, of course  ) to helping you create a profound sense of emotional freedom.

Every process has value, and there is something out there for you. I truly believe this is it – especially as the suite of tools is so broad.

Perhaps you just need a bit of advice or someone who’s “been there” to use as a sounding board.

I can help you:

  • eliminate lifelong beliefs you probably were not even aware you had (or how they were holding you back)
  • neutralise conditioned and unwanted emotions
  • eliminate patterns of behaviour (such as the fear of public speaking)
  • define success on your own terms
  • experience a sense of ongoing fulfilment whilst eliminating obstacles along the way (hey, life throws us a few surprises, as we all know!)

I’m here to help you in any way I can. Shoot me an email, or send me a message here and let’s get talking.

I hope we get a chance to speak soon.